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This is a really easy technique I've found
for making photos look like watercolor paintings.

For the basic technique you will need Paint Shop Pro 7.
Free trial download here.

Three Easy Steps!

Start by choosing your photo.  I have found
that photos with strong contrasts seem to work the best.

I chose a picture I took at a little ghost town called Shaniko.

Step One - Click on
Enhance Photo
Strength 5

Step Two - Click on:

Edge Preserving Smooth
15 - Try variations to see what you like

Step Three - Click on:

Enhance (apply this effect twice for a more dramatic effect.)

That's it!  

After you have the basic effect you can
add textures and frames to fit the image you've chosen.

This is my first tutorial.
If you find a problem with my directions
please let me know so I can correct it.

Email Me.

I would love to see what you do with my little tut!

©2003, Bobbi Jordan.  Feel free to share this tutorial with
any online graphic groups, but please give me credit.